These is an updated version of Emby server available for Windows, Mac and Linux users. Version 3.0.5724.5 has bug fixes including subtitle fixes, frame rate issues with Linux and a fix for unidentified parental ratings which can now blocked for child.

The Emby team are working on a major release at the moment so we should see a bigger release coming soon. You can find the download at

This is a small bug-fix update to the previous release to help tide you over while we work hard on the next major release. The following issues have been resolved:

Fix external subtitles sometimes requiring burn-in via transcoding.

Fix error on forgot password screen

Fix frame by frame analysis for linux

Frame by frame analysis setting now off by default for all users due to longer library scans. Users will need to re-enable this feature.

Fix live tv series recordings not creating new recordings after initial run

Content with unidentified parental ratings are now considered unrated instead of always being allowed. This way, if you enable block unrated content, you will not have to worry about accidentally exposing your child to adult content just because the server couldn’t understand the rating.

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