Ethernet over your home power cables is a very handy solution when you can’t run Ethernet cables around your house and WiFi isn’t an option. TP-Link’s AV1200 is a 3 port Gigabit passthrough powerline kit designed for high bandwidth situations like streaming HD video.

The kit comes with two plug, one you connect to your router and one you place anywhere in your home. You can then plug any device into the 2nd adapter and have network access back to your router. The nice thing about this kit is that it has a pass through mains socket on each device so they don’t take up mains socket and they each have three Gigabit Ethernet ports on them. So you plug one in to your router and the other one you can have three devices connected to it which pass back to the router. It is really handy for media streaming as you get a consistent 1200 Mbps transfer speed.

In this video I unbox the kit, connect it up to my router and test file transfer speed. The kit costs around £86 on Amazon.

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  1. One thing the video didn’t mention is that you will need gigabit supported connections in your device whether its a laptop or PC, otherwise it’l’ run at 100mpbs instead.

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