Last night we got a new build of Windows 10 for mobile devices, it has been around a month since the last release and now we have build 10512. The new build feels a lot faster than the previous release, my test Lumia 630 certainly runs cooler than it did on previous builds. There a no major changes to the OS but there are a lot of fixes included and minor adjustment to the OS. Text notifications have been fixed, text on the start screen overlapping has been fixed and you can use the pictures app to set lock screen and background images.

There are some issues with this release, again I had a problem getting it installed. It sat on 0% for over an hour and then timed out, in the end I reset the phone and then the update came down. I had a strange issue with the Windows Store where it would show that the app was 70% downloaded when in fact it had downloaded and installed. The main issue stopping me putting this on my daily phone is mobile hotspot doesn’t work. Microsoft also said that video playback doesn’t work but after an update to the Movies & TV app this morning it worked fine on my phone.

Here is my look at the updated OS:

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