So this week is Windows 10 launch week and it has been fascinating to see the reactions to the launch from non-technical users. Most of the comments I have heard are very positive and many of the people I talked to have said they are upgrading to the new OS, most of them from Windows 7. As tech enthusiasts and Windows Insiders we probably forget that many users will be coming from Windows 7 and the concept of a Windows Store will be new to them as will media apps like Groove and Movies & TV which are quiet a leap from what they had in Windows 7. Microsoft’s plan of making Windows 10 a free upgrade seems to have worked very well, I checked my web stats and 15% of Windows users hitting in the last week are running Windows 10 up from about 5% during the preview. If it take a look at the last two days Windows 10 is up to 48%! Unsurprisingly the Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 numbers are down as people have upgraded, the Windows 8 users number has stayed about the same so they are holding out from upgrading from to Windows 8.1.

On Wednesday I attended the Windows 10 launch party in London where Microsoft were celebrating the release of the OS and also using the event to show off the new features of the OS to the press, partners and other guests. The feeling I got from the event was that Microsoft really have got their mojo back and there is a genuine feeling of excitement about Windows 10. They have listen to customer comments and the Windows Insider programme has helped shaping the release, something that would not have happened with the previous Windows management.

As far as upgrading machines goes it is so far so good. My test machines were already on the last builds of Windows 10 but I held off on my Surface Pro 3 so I could see what the upgrade process would be like and sure enough it was really simple and worked flawlessly. My Surface Pro 3 feels a lot quicker and continuum makes so much sense on a hybrid device like the Surface, now I have started updating my family’s devices.

Overall it does feel like a new start for Microsoft and a new Microsoft, Windows 10 is the start of the journey as they use the Windows as a service mantra. Now they need to keep updating the OS with new feature and ensure that a bad Windows update doesn’t undo their good work.

I should also mention the passing of Windows Media Center, during the upgrade you lose Media Center and for many readers that is a show stopper so you can either stay on Windows 8.1 or move to Windows 10 and look for a new solution. I did see a big spike in traffic as people are searching for information on Windows Media Center in Windows 10 so it shows there is still some interest there.

Anyway it looks like it has been a good week for Microsoft, now where is my new Windows 10 mobile build?

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