Plex have released a brand new version of their Plex app for iOS adding new features and improving many areas of the app. First off the app is now free, previously you had to buy the app. The free version can be used as a remote control for other Plex apps in your home network and there is an in app purchase to unlock the features (Plex Pass users can sign in to unlock the app).

The app now supports video chapters, it reads the chapters from your existing metadata and if you don’t have chapters it can download them from ChapterDB. There are Rotten Tomatoes ratings (reviews coming soon), improved media recommendation (related movies) and a brand new sync engine which support partial syncing. Syncing should be much faster with the new app.

As well as the new features the app has a new look which is much improved over the previous release. It is a really good update and even the free version works great as a remote control.

Grab the app from the iTunes Store and you can read more on the Plex Blog.

In all seriousness, though, we are so excited to announce to you our brand spanking new, rewritten-from-scratch (though maybe not in Bitcode), pixel-licking delicious, amazing iOS app! The app is essentially our poster child for new feature support: It’s got Plex Home, premium music (including multi-disc, Plex Mix, music videos, and more), full support for extras, secure connections (remember those top-notch certificates we gave you all?), and so much more. The app has been reengineered from the ground up, and requires iOS 8.1 or higher. It also requires a very recent Plex Media Server, so please make sure to upgrade.

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