Plex have just updated their Android version of the Plex app adding support for native MKV playback. Adding support for MVK means that the server doesn’t have to transcode the file so less load on your server. It is still experimental at the moment, you have to turn on the player and some codecs are not support but it is a start. Also in the updated is support for 4K HEVC and AC3 passthough on Android TV.

You can find the app in the Google Play Store.

What’s New

NEW (4.8.0):

– MKV support: Requires Experimental Player enabled, or running on the Android TV.

– 4K HEVC support.

– [Android TV] (e)AC3 Passthrough support.


– Fix preplay screen sometimes crashing after a rotation.

– Fix for filters showing as disabled first time a ‘Music’ section is open.

– Fix crash editing a “Highest Quality” sync item created by an older version of the app.

– [Android TV] Show all Watch Later and Recommended content correctly when there are no unwatched items

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