Microsoft have updated the Windows 10 version of the Groove app (their music solution). The desktop version of Groove just has minor fixes and improvements but the mobile version has quite a few changes.

The mobile version has a new first run view which highlights features of the app as it is indexing your music collection in the background. You can now pin albums, artists, and playlists to the start screen for quick access (as could in the old Xbox Music app). The app now has a live tile that show artist info and the current song and you can filter playlists to ones that either all the songs are on your device or that are streaming.

There are a couple of issues that they are still working on. The on-screen tablet keyboard doesn’t show in the search box when in tablet most and minimizing the app causes it to pause.

The updated apps are available in the Windows Store.

Via Microsoft

A new release is available today for the Groove app on Windows 10. Check the Store! This release (version 3.6.1239) includes the following:

On desktop:

Minor fixes and improvements

On mobile:

Check out the new app intro for first launch. It highlights key features while we assemble your music collection in the background

Pin your favorite albums, artists, and playlists to Start for easy access

Pin the app itself, and the tile will show you art and info for the current song whenever you go to Start

Filter your playlists to see the songs that are streaming only or are only on your currently device

We are still working on these known issues:

Onscreen keyboard doesn’t appear when you select the search box while in tablet mode

Playback pauses when you minimize the app

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