The Emby (Media Browser) team have announced that included in the next Emby for Android update is a revamped player based on VLC ( the previous release introduced LibVLC) . Having the video player based on the popular media player means less transcoding on the server is needed and it also has improved audio and subtitle switching. If you are using Emby on Android TV it now supports Dolby Digital audio bitstream support thanks to VLC.

It is not just VLC that is in the latest update. The home screen on app has been improved:

Clock display – The home screen now has a clock on it that will show the current time in your local format. This clock is now consistent through all Emby ATV screens

Current user display – Additionally, each screen now shows the currently logged-in user right under the clock.

Current item detail panel – As you navigate around the home screen (and any other screen with the same layout such as by genre or performer) you will now get a pop-up information panel with details on the currently selected item. So you can now see a quick summary and time information on an item without having to drill down into the actual detail screen – making it easier to play things out of the Next Up or Recent lists.

There are also UI updates and bug fixes included in the new release. The updated app will be available soon from the Google Play Store.

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