Tomorrow Microsoft will launch Windows 10 and with potentially millions of people reserving there copy of the new OS it looks like Microsoft have started downloading the update to machines ahead of the launch. I noticed my Surface Pro 3 has a lot of network activity this morning and it looks like the Windows 10 upgrade package has arrived. It has a created a hidden folder on the C drive called $Windows.~BT currently around 140MB so it looks like it is only part of the setup, the version number of the setup files are 10.0.10240.16399.

It’s no surprise that Microsoft would start rolling it out early given how much load their download servers will be under.

2 thoughts on “Windows 10 upgrade starts downloading for reserved systems”
  1. After seeing this, I checked my Win 8.1 laptop and had that folder there. Looks like it was initially created on July 10, and is being updated with new files dated today. Also, the total size is > 6GB.

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