Today is Windows 10 release day with millions of people installing Windows 10 via the Get Windows 10 tool and via MSDN downloads. The background download process on my Surface Pro 3 started last week and completed this morning and is ready to go as it will be for millions of systems. Of course many of us have been using Windows 10 since the first Technical Preview months ago and I have grown to really like Microsoft’s new OS.

You can see my Windows 10 videos on our YouTube channel and checkout my video of Windows 10 tablet features. There are many changes in the OS including things like changes to the way DLNA streaming works (see my post). One of the biggest changes is the omission of Windows Media Center, the first time Media Center hasn’t been part of Windows since 2004. If you are a Windows Media Center users then you can stick with Windows 8.1 which will continue to work fine but there are also plenty of other options available by 3rd parties like Emby, Plex, Kodi, MediaPortal and more.

It is going to be interesting to see how Windows 10 progresses now it’s “Windows as a service”

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