Windows 10 on a tablet

Windows 10 brings back many familiar features back to Windows including a redesigned start menu for desktop users but what about tablet users?

Windows 8.1 was already pretty good for small tablets, the full screen interface worked well with touch and the gestures where easy to use. Windows 10 enhances many of the tablet features and introduces some new ones, not everybody agrees the experience is better but after spending the last few months with the update I have grown to like the new OS.

Here are some of the changes I look at in this video:

  • New screen layout
  • Continuum
  • Tablet Mode
  • Action Center
  • Task switching
  • Settings
  • Full screen traditional apps
  • Cortana
  • New apps including Groove, Microsoft Edge and Word Mobile

The tablet uses in this video is £59 Linx 7 upgraded from Windows 8.1

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