Having a USB portable charger is really handy when you out and about and running low on juice, I have tried little lightweight devices for charging phones but what if you want to charge a tablet? The Power Castle in this video is a heavy duty charger with an 11200mAh battery that will charge a larger device like an iPad or Windows tablet. In fact it has two ports on it so you can charge a tablet and phone at the same time.

I charged up my Encore 8 Windows tablet from flat to full in about 4 hours while also charging up my phone. The Encore 8 tablet  requires  a 2.1A charger when its flats and this charger is one of few that will charge it when its dead. It takes about the same time to charge up the Power Castle from flat back to 100% so you are looking at around 4 hours. The pack has two full sized ports for plugging your devices into and a MicroUSB port to charge it up. There is a display which shows the charge remaining and a built in flashlight

The charger is built like a tank, it is solid and heavy but that is just what you need to charge up devices like an iPad or Windows tablet, each of the ports will put out 5V 2.1A which is what is needed to charge large devices.

As you will see in this video it’s a great charger and as a bonus it comes with a MicroUSB cable and a nice little carry pouch.

The charger costs around £18 on Amazon

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