Microsoft announce Microsoft Band Web Tiles and Microsoft Health Cloud APIs


Microsoft have announced new APIs and for Microsoft Health Cloud that developers can use to access data from the Microsoft Band along with a new Web Tiles Preview. Web Tiles Preview is a system for creating “glanceable” tiles on the Microsoft Band from any web based data sources. There is a new Web Tiles Authoring tool which they say will help developers quickly create tiles on the Band. It will be very interesting to see what you can do with the tiles and what developers will come up with.

Maybe the Lumia Conversations blog has gone live a little early as the SDK isn’t live yet, here is what they say about Microsoft Band Web Tiles:

Introducing Microsoft Band Web Tiles Preview

The Microsoft Band Web Tiles Preview makes it simple to deliver “glanceable” information to Microsoft Band from virtually any data source accessible through the web. Web Tiles use the power of the Microsoft Health platform, leveraging internet connectivity, to bring content directly to the Microsoft Band.

With Microsoft Band Web Tiles, developers “author” the web tile only once to support multiple mobile platforms (iOS, Android and Windows). Authoring a Tile is simple: Developers can choose to read the Web Tiles documentation and author the Web Tile using their favorite text editors, or they can choose to author the tiles using the newly released Web Tiles Authoring Tool which provides a UI-based, step-by-step guide to creating a Web Tile package in as little as five minutes.

Microsoft Band Web Tiles are supported on all mobile platforms where Microsoft Health is available. To get started, developers should visit the Microsoft Band Web Tiles developer site, read the comprehensive documentation, download sample Web Tiles, and start creating new Web Tiles using the Web Tiles Authoring Tool.

The Microsoft Health Cloud APIs is a new of API for accessing data stored in Microsoft Health. There are APIs for reading Profile information, Devices info, Activities and summaries.

The updated APIs and SDK are available on the Microsoft Band developer site.

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