The MediaPortal team have just announced the “Summer ’15 Release” of MediaPortal 2. This is the next generation of MediaPortal and has a lot of changes since the last release including Windows 10 support and support for Windows Media Center WTV and DVR-MS files. So this could be a good alternative to Windows Media Center as you move forward to Windows 10.

Here are the changes since the last release:

  • New features and plugins:
    • Bringing the best of MP1 and MP2: The cutting edge technologies of MediaPortal 2 now makes use of the matured and stable TV Engine 3 of MediaPortal 1. This makes MP2 a complete solution for daily use, no longer depending on additional TV components installed!
    • Added support for showing “Latest Media
    • Added filter for watched / unwatched MediaItems
    • Added extended metadata and fanart support
    • Added support for high quality audio formats (DSD)
    • Added support for local movie and series metadata (.nfo files) to importer
    • Improved video playback quality by automatic video shader selection depending on video resolution (defaults to “Sharpen Complex” for SD video)
    • Improved support for multi-episode files of series
    • New “BlueVision” skin including grey theme
    • Various minor improvements to existing skins
    • Introduction of advanced plugin compatibility management
    • Updated external components like Sqlite, ffmpeg
  • Fixes:
    • Bugfixes in RefreshRateChanger plugin (error in calculation)
    • Updated externals (like MediaInfo)
  • TV Support:
    • TV support has been extended. Now we support both the known stable TV engine from MP 1 (aka TVE3) and its upcoming successor TVE 3.5 (which is currently at alpha stage).
    • Added support for MediaCenter recordings, they can be imported into recording section and are available like MP native ones. This includes .wtv and .dvr-ms files.
  • More updated plugins and tools are available! (via our MP2 Plugins Downloads section on the website and forum):
    • Atmolight plugin
    • WebRadio plugin to play your favourite web radio streams inside MP2!
    • Cinema plugin to show all running movies in your favourite cinemas including playback of trailers
    • Application Launcher plugin
    • WiFi configuration plugin (included)
    • CEC remote plugin allows controlling MP2

More details on the MediaPortal site.

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