Windows 10 10130

It has been a while since there has been a new Windows 10 build on the slow ring but last night Microsoft released 10130 to the slow ring for Windows Insiders (checkout my video of Windows 10130 in action)

My experience of build 10130 has been pretty good with it being very stable once I did a PC Refresh on my Encore 8 tablet. Microsoft must be happy with the build as they released it as an ISO last week and now you can get it if you are on the slow ring. To go with the build Microsoft have released updates that fix some of the high profile issues with the build. There is a fix for items not opening from the task bar, a fix for audio issues and new build detection issues.

Now they have got this out to the slow ring I would like to see a new build for the fast ring.

Details from the Windows Blog:


  • KB3070365: We fixed an issue where if you click on the icons on the Taskbar (Start, Cortana, Network, Battery, and Action Center) in this build, the expected fly-out might not open.
  • KB3069069: We fixed the issue where after upgrading to this build audio playback is lost in some hardware configurations.
    • Note: Some sound cards may fail to operate in multichannel mode. The workaround to the problem is to set the default audio format to stereo.
  • KB3070677: We fixed an issue where if you’re running the “Core” edition of the Windows 10 Insider Preview and Windows Update might not detect new builds available.
  • KB3070982: This dynamic update prevents an issue that can result in the loss of audio when the upgrade is completed in some hardware configurations.

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