It’s been around four weeks and now we finally have a new build of Windows 10 for PCs. Build 10158 has the milestone of being the first Windows 10 Insider Preview release that doesn’t have any know issues in the release notes. The RTM version of Windows 10 is due July 29th and it is a good sign that this release doesn’t have any major problems.

In this build there is the rebranded Microsoft Edge browser replacing the Spartan branding. The new browser has some of the most requested features:

•One of the top pieces of feedback we’ve heard from Windows Insiders is that many of you really wanted a “home” button for Microsoft Edge. In this build, we’ve provided an option for you to add it via Settings > Advanced Settings and turn on “Show the home button”.

•We’ve added the ability for you to import favorites/bookmarks from other browsers into Microsoft Edge.

•There are new options for changing what you see when you first start Microsoft Edge.

•There are new customizations for the New Tab page. You can choose to either see top sites and suggested content – or just top sites.

•We’ve added password and form-fill support. Microsoft Edge now lets you manage your passwords for your favorite websites.

•Audio from Microsoft Edge plays while the app is minimized or in the background – another top request from Windows Insiders.

•You can drag and drop tabs to a new window.

•Another top request: we now have a dark theme!

A new feature of this build is swipe up on the left hand side to bring up the “all apps” list which also works in tablet mode. I am really glad to see this as it makes getting to the apps list much faster and one of the things I missed from Windows 8.1. In the all apps list you can jump to an app by clicking on a letter (like you can on the mobile OS).

Also in this build Contana has been improved and it has Office 365 integration. Other changes include improvements to the photos app and the Snipping Tool has a 5 second delay option that can capture pop up menus (good for us bloggers).

If you have Surface Pro 3 you should see better battery life with this build and you can now install this build on a Surface 3.

I suspect this will probably be the last preview build before RTM.


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