There is a new build of Emby Server available (the system formally known as Media Browser). The update has an updated live TV database making accessing the guide data faster, there is faster live TV start up time, DLNA playback fixes and voice input when you are using Google Chrome.

Minor changes to an excellent media server system. Download links and more details at


Restructured Live TV Database

The live TV database has been significantly improved, making it faster for our apps to retrieve guide information. In addition, the server is longer dependent on startup execution of the Guide refresh scheduled task, which will allow you to get into Live TV immediately after startup.

Faster Live TV Start Time

Up until now we have been probing live TV streams for media information. On some servers this has been taking a long time, so we’ve removed it. Expect live tv to start faster now.

Emby Connect Fixes

There have been some problems reported with linking users to Emby Connect and we’re happy to say they’ve been resolved.

DLNA Playback Fixes

Thanks to nullpointer, some fixes have been added that resolves playback issues with Samsung TV’s, Sony, Panasonic, and others.

Try the new Voice Input
Supported by Google Chrome. This is really a new thing and is going to take time to mature, but it has such a high fun factor that we decided to give you a taste of it. If voice control is something that interests you, then make sure to join the community and tell us what commands you’d like to see added.

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