There is a new Microsoft Band app for Windows Phone that enables you to pin the Microsoft Band sensor values to your Windows Phone start screen as live tiles. You can pin a live tile for heart rate, steps, calories, skin temperature and distance. You can configure the update interval for each sensor, and display the sensor results in a graph. You can also export sensor values in CSV format and have notifications when the sensors are read.

The app costs £1.49 from the Windows Phone Store and there is a two day trial version available to try.

This is the only app that can pin your Microsoft Band sensors to your Windows Phone start screen.


* Pin each sensor individually (HR, Steps, Calories, Skin temp, Distance)

* Configure background update interval for each sensor

* Configure time period for tile display and graph (in app)

* Export all collected data for each sensor in CSV format (Excel-friendly)

* Share sensor data with universal Windows app (to be released soon)

* Send optional notification (toast) when sensors are read

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