Earlier this week Microsoft said there wouldn’t be releasing a new Windows 10 build this week Microsoft managed to squeeze an update out last night.

Build 10130 has a number of small improvements as Microsoft focus on the fit and finish of Windows 10. There are new icons, new taskbar animations for actions like file moving and downloading and tweaks to Action Center.

The start menu has new personalisation settings, there are jump lists on the task bar and for tablet users you can now swipe up to view the all aps list just as you could in Windows 8.1 and something I really missed. Another tweak is that you can now playback movies and TV shows in full screen.

There are a couple of issues to watch out for: The Mail app may crash and Microsoft plan to fix this via Windows Update and WiFi connectively may fail requiring a reboot. Time to get downloading!

More details on the Windows Blog.

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