Microsoft have released a new build of Windows 10 for phones (or Windows 10 Mobile as it now called). The release expands the phones it support, it adds the Lumia 930, Icon, 640 and 640XL as the HTC One (M8) to the other Lumia devices already supported.

The build is to the fast ring and here is what is new according to Microsoft on the Windows Blog.

There is the new Windows Store Beta app for phones, this is a universal app and is the same app as the Windows 10 desktop version. Not all features are enables in this release, there is no much purchase options but there are movies and TV shows in the store.

With this release there are the new universal office apps. So you can download the new Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote preview apps to your phone and you should get the same rich experiences as you do on the desktop with the Universal apps.

The Xbox app is another universal app added, and you can do things like view your activity feeds, messages and connect to your Xbox One from the phone.

There are the Music and Video preview apps (again the Windows 10 universal version), the apps have a new look and feel and will integrate with the Windows Store app for purchasing. I am looking forward to giving these a try, the video app includes MVK support and you can now pause on one device and then continue watching on another device.

There is a new Camera app and lots of little fixes and tweaks in the new build.

As ever there are some issues with the build. After upgrading you will see some duplicate apps and some that say pending (it needs a reboot). Apps on an SD will need reinstalling and there are some other app issues (see Microsoft’s notes).

One the subject of timing Microsoft say that Windows 10 Mobile will “later this year” after it has been released on for the desktop. Look out for a video walkthrough soon.

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