Yesterday Microsoft released build 10080 of Windows 10 for phones (Windows 10 Mobile) for Windows Insiders to try and this release includes a number of new features. The main changes seem to be the introduction of universal apps already seen on the desktop preview of the OS. There are new Office apps: Word, Excel and Powerpoint as well as new music and videos preview apps. The Windows Store is the same app as the desktop version with options to purchase TV and movies directly from the app.
After upgrading my phone from the previous build I found my test Lumia 630 was very slow and many of the apps didn’t work (due to being installed on an SD card) so after a quick factory reset I got my apps back up and running and recorded this video walkthrough showing some of the new features.

In this video I talk a look at Word, Excel, Video Preview, Music Preview and the new Windows Store app. I did forgot to show off the new Xbox app which again is a universal app, maybe I will show that off the next time I look at Windows 10.

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