Welcome to our 500th show and what a ride it has been! We have seen Microsoft technologies come and go like Plays for sure, Windows Home Server, Zune and sadly Windows Media Center. We have seen the rise of the cloud, iOS, Xbox,vAndroid and a whole new look to Microsoft. We have seen Vista (who remembers Ultimate Extras?), Surface and now the universal Windows strategy.

So we take a look at the last ten years. Talk about the highlights, the missed opportunities and what we think will could talking about in the next 500 shows.

It has been a pleasure to be part of the community and be able to talk to people like Jason and Garry plus all the guest we have had on over the last 500 shows. We also have a couple of message from old friends of the show and all in all one my favorite shows we have ever recorded.

Finally I want to thank every listener to the show, old and new. We would not be doing it without you!

So here is it show 500!

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Links from this week’s show:

From CES 2008 (My highlight from the show)

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