I know many readers will be hoping that when Windows 10 is released Windows Media Center will be an optional download as it was in Windows 8 but according to Ed Bott Windows Media Center will not be a part of the OS. This is no surprise to me as Windows Media Center development was stopped after the completion of Windows 7 and I didn’t expect to see it on the new OS.

Ed says that he was told last week at Build by a Microsoft executive that Windows Media Center will not be an option in Windows 10 and that any Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 machine that was updated to Windows 10 would lose Windows Media Center.

As I said I know many Media Center enthuststs will be upset but if you have a working Media Center setup there is no need to upgrade and there are plenty of other solution available if you do want to upgrade (like Emby).

Nothing has ever really come close to the all in one media center vision of Windows Media Center, had Microsoft continued to evolve it who knows what it could have turned into, maybe a cross platform media system?

I was told by someone at Microsoft back in 2009 that Windows Media Center was dead so I was surprised to see in Windows 8. I still have soft spot for Windows Media Center, it was the reason I got into podcasting and blogging but I have to say it is the right time to let it go.

5 thoughts on “No Windows Media Center in Windows 10 says Ed Bott”
  1. And this is why I will not be updating to 10. My Media Center 7 with Emby is running great.

    1. I agree, I do not understand why people are all out of it over this news..
      Even MCE win8 was not worth the upgrade, nothing new, maybe a faster boot.
      We have known that MS dropped MCE a long time ago so I do not understand why people are upset/disappointed over this.
      Let me be clear, I would love for MCE to live on, the DVR capabilities are second to none and I have it running happily in 2 of my Win7 systems, no need to upgrade to anything else.

      1. It was a sad day then, and will continue to be. MCE is starting to feel aged, and with lack of support who knows how long it will continue to work for. Am I missing something about emby? Does it support cablecard? There isn’t anything on the market that can beat a ceton 6 tuner card and comskip.

  2. Microsoft needs integrate the LiveTV/DVR function of WMC in to the XB1 OneGuide Software with Multiple Live-TV Tuners (PCI/Network/USB/IPTV).

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