The Microsoft Band has lots of sensors logging temperature, movement and heart rate and other data but one thing Microsoft haven’t really enabled is health tips. One good idea would be to get up of your chair and not spend so much time hunched over a laptop so a developer (probably spending a lot of time hunched over a laptop) has come up with an app for the Microsoft Band that monitors your movement and reminds you to get up when you have been sitting down for too long.

You can set the time windows and how often it reminds you as well having it mute reminders when you are in a meeting. The app is 79p from the Windows Phone Store.


Walk Reminder is an app that uses the Microsoft Band accessory to remind you to take a walk when you have been sitting down for too long. This is perfect for office workers, or people who like to write or code, or just anyone who wants to get out and walk more but always forgets to.

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