Microsoft have released a new build of Windows 10 for Windows Insiders on the Fast Ring. Build 10061 for desktops has new features, fixes some issues with the last build and comes with its own issues.

New in this build is are the new Mail and Calendar apps. The mail apps has new swipe gestures, new email authoring tool that uses Word as the editor and supports Outlook.com, gmail, Exchange, Office 265 and POP/IMAP.

The start menu, taskbar and Action Center have a new dark menu and transparency settings. The taskbar has also has been optimised when running in tablet mode with the start button, task view and Cortana buttons larger and better spaced in tablet mode. You can also boot directly into tablet mode and for tablets under 10 inches that is now the default. Task View has been has been improved as has Virtual Desktop (see Microsoft’s post for details)

In this build Microsoft have fixed some issues of the last build including the indexing of Outlook, Hyper-V enabling and fixes to the Project Spartan browser.

There are still plenty of issues with this build. Win32 desktop apps won’t launch from the start menu, you would have to pin then to the desktop to launch them, hopefully an update will fix this.


We know this one will be a bit painful but there is a bug with this build in which Win32 (desktop) apps won’t launch from the Start menu. The workaround is to use search to find and launch these apps and pin them to your taskbar for quick access.

The Windows Store Beta (grey tile) and Project Spartan get unpinned after upgrading. You can re-pin them to your Taskbar from All apps on your Start menu.

The version of the Mail and Calendar apps included in this build (17.4008.42281.0) have a known issue that causes every typed letter to appear twice. Which might be funny if it weren’t so irritating. We have fixed this issue with updated versions of the apps (17.4016.42291.0) available in the Windows Store Beta (grey tile). If you don’t open the Mail and Calendar apps within the first 15 minutes after logging in to your device for the first time after upgrading and your device is connected to the Internet, the apps should update automatically. You can also go into the Store Beta and check for updates manually at any time.

Cortana will highlight things it will be able to help users with, but some of these features are not yet implemented and we are working to deliver them soon.

There is a known issue where you might see a black screen with only your mouse cursor during login/logout. We have a fix for this coming via WU.

Downloading music in the Xbox Music and Music Preview apps is currently broken. We also have a fix for this coming via WU.

When you minimize an app playing audio, it may stop playing once its minimized.

In Project Spartan, no selection highlight appears when selecting text in the address box. You can right click in the address box to cut/copy/paste and it will work as expected. We also have a fix for this coming via WU.

Magnifier does not work when you put it into docked mode. We will also have a fix for this coming via WU.

You can get the update from Windows Update in Windows 10.

Via the Windows Blog

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