VLC for Windows Phone

The Windows Phone version of the excellent VLC media player has been updated again. Build has a lot of nice little tweaks to it including faster app loading times, better app command, improved UI and phones with virtual navigations bars like the Lumia 735 are now supported.

Full changelog below and you can find the app in the Windows Phone Store.

Changelog v1.3.3.7

* Better UX when connecting to Last.FM

* Fix Subtitles and AudioTracks bugs (Windows only, still not working on Windows Phone)

* Clean StatusBar code

* Phones with virtual Navigation Bar are now supported by VLC. Users with Lumia like 735 won’t have the UI under the virtual Navigation Bar

* App should not crash anymore if a track does not exist/file is not found. It removes the track from the VLC library.

* Hide Mouse cursor and let the screen ON only when playing videos, not music

* App should start way faster. Example : On a Lumia 1020 it starts in 2 seconds instead of 7.

* App commands : Open file, stream and Settings are now displayed in a “more” button on the top of the UI.

* Adding Database versioning: this is the last version on WP that will drop the database at each update. Now it will use migration tools when the database is modified.

* Decrease app weight by removing unused files, pictures, placeholders and libraries

* Usual bugfixing and refactoring

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