VLC for Windows Phone

The Windows Phone version of VLC Player has been updated with developer Thomas Nigro saying this release has faster rendering and a responsive design so the display is optimized for the screen size of the device. There are a lot of little UI changes that make the app work a lot better. The app is free from the Windows Phone Store.

Changes log:

Updated User Interface
– Optimisations of XAML code, which is between 50% and 130% faster (parsing and layout rendering).
– LastFM scrobbling working on Windows
– Browse music and videos from folders. For example if your songs are not correctly tagged, you can browse in VLC and « play a folder » just like you would play an album.
– XAML Responsive Design enhancements : we’re trying to use your screen as best as possible. On tiny screens we removed the « now playing » title which is useless, and on a big screen we give more options with extra buttons, etc.
– Use of Windows 10 APIs via Reflection for setting a custom, orange window background color.
– New icons, margins and alignments are more polished (even if it’s still work in progress)
– Refresh button in the Video Library, just like the Music library
– Search videos or albums easily.
– Updated design for Video Player (still very work in progress though)
– Adding Semantic Zoom in the Albums view, with custom selection of ordering (by artist, by date, by album).
– We added a back button so devices like Lumia 730 or future tiny tablets will be able to go back easily.
– Using the same colors as VLC for Android/iOS.
Along with lots of bug fixes, etc.

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