In this video I take a look at the RavPower Mini Wireless charger. The charger used the Qi standard so it works with devices like the Nexus 5, Nexus 6 and the Lumia 1520. It is a small rubberised pad that doesn’t slip on your desk. It has a USB plug on one end so unlick some other chargers I had tested you don’t get a main adapter you just plug it into a USB port. You can plug it into your laptop, PC or a USB wall plug so you have the flexibility to plug it wherever is convenient for you.

To use it you place your phone on the pad and it starts charging. There is a green light to indicate it is charging and as long as you place the phone square on the pad it doesn’t seem to matter what orientation you place it on.

I place the pad on my desk leave the phone on it when not in use, it’s really handy and saves messing about with a MicroUSB cable.

At £13 on Amazon it’s a very handy little device.
Checkout this video of the charger in action:

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