Today the Microsoft Band is officially on sale in the UK. Microsoft fitness band is on sale for £169.99 from the Microsoft Store and retail stores like PC World. I have had my Microsoft Band since October when I imported it from the US and I have has to say I have got to love its tracking and notification features.

The great thing about the Microsoft Band is that it works with iOS, Android and Windows Phone so you are not tied into one platform. If you have your Band or are planning to get one checkout my guide to the top 10 apps for the Microsoft Band and my 5 tips for getting the most out of your Microsoft Band.

This morning I received a firmware update for the Microsoft Band, I don’t know what has actually changed but it is probably related to the Band going on sale in the UK today. The build goes up to 10.2.2818.0.

Here is my video guide to the best apps for the Microsoft Band from March.

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