Plex have just rolled out new music features optimised for users with large music collections. In the past Plex have tended to focus on the video experience but this update sees big improvements to the music features. You can read the Plex blog for details but some of the highlights for me include an improved scanning engine that now scans new music first and downloads metadata during the scanning process rather than the end so the whole processes is a lot faster. It is now easier to manage your metadata and correct data that has been pulled down is incorrectly. It also supports multi-disc albums, a little thing but it bugs me when my multi-album prog-rock albums get mixed up! There are is improved music discovery of your own collection for example it will suggest music you should rediscover based on your listening habits.

If you are a Plex Pass member the server can use Gracenote’s sonic fingerprinting to work out the meta data and another nice benefit of Plex Pass is it you get access to Vevo’s music video collection ready for streaming.

Here is a nice video from Plex talking about Plex music:

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