It looks like we could be getting some interesting new apps for the Microsoft Band as there has been a new SDK released today. The new SDK adds support for Windows apps so you can now target iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows for custom apps.

Windows Phone developers can now connect to the Band from a Windows Phone background task so tiles can be updated and notification can be pushed form a background app (but not receive data via a background task yet). Developers can create rich content for tiles via custom UI and there are new events developers can hook in to.

There are already some great apps for the Microsoft Band so I can’t wait to see what developers do with the new SDK.

You can get the SDK for iOS, Android and Windows Phone from

Release notes:
04/30/2015: Band SDK update for Windows Phone, Windows, iOS and Android. New features:
•Allows creating rich content for Tiles, via custom UI pages that can include Text, Icon, Button and Barcode elements
•Allows applications to handle Tile and Button events
•Provides real-time access to Calories data
•Allows connecting to the Band from Windows Phone background tasks, removing the limitation from the Preview release
•Allows iOS Apps to register Tiles for remote or local notifications

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