The Media Browser app for the Windows has been updated, renamed and new features added. Media Browser is now called Emby and the Windows app now has the new Emby Cloud Sync and Folder Sync features. There is also a redesigned movie TV and music views which look great.

There are improved management features in the app, improved was of rating your content and a new favorite view.

Other improvements include:

  • Added FastForward/Rewind for DirectStream && Offline Playback
  • Added Slowmotion for DirectStream && Offline Playback
  • Vastly improved playback by almost eliminating full transcode (using streamcopy where possible)
  • Respect the user view preferences
  • Automatic Subtitle selection if available
  • Resolved playlists no longer sorting
  • Added a loading spinner on Artists views
  • Support for music genre Images
  • Fixed transparency issue when using Cover Art
  • Added Playlist support to the main hub
  • Added MCE support to Emby Connect View
  • Fixed a problem with live tiles and lock screen images
  • Redesigned the sign-in screens
  • Switched artist api usage to ArtistId

The app costs £3.40 from the Windows Store.

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