You can a lot of fun customising your Microsoft Band background and colours, I like changing by background image and colours all the time. Once you do get a nice colour and background combination you can now back them up and save them for later using a new app called Backup My Band. The app backs up you current Microsoft Band background image and theme colours so you can restore then later. It’s nice to be able create themes and switch between them. You can even ask Cortana to do the backup for you by saying “Backup my band now”.

It doesn’t backup things like tile locations and some of the Microsoft Band settings which is a shame but I don’t think the SDK enables this at the moment. It’s a great little app and free from the Windows Phone Store.

Backup My Band is a Windows Phone app that enables you to backup your current Microsoft Band wallpaper and theme colours, and then restore them later.

This allows you to take advantage of all the great personalisation apps that have been released so far, and backup your creations before trying out something new.

You can use the app to take multiple backups and you can restore any of them whenever you want to go back to an old wallpaper, or just want an easy way to switch between some of your favourites depending on your mood.

Where supported, ask Cortana to backup your band at any time by saying “Backup my band now”.

This app was written in an evening to try out the Band preview SDK, and to have a little fun with it, so if you do find bugs please report them from the About page and we will issue an update as soon as possible.

If time permits, and based on feedback, possible future features could include:

– Pinning tiles for quickly restoring your favourite backups

– Backup of additional information if future SDK versions allow it

– Restore a random backup from your collection using Cortana

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