I can across a new background customizer app for the Microsoft Band that can add your Xbox Avatar to the Band. This one brings down your Xbox Live Avatar and Gametag to create a custom background for your Band with your tag and avatar on it.

All you do is enter your GamerTag into the app and it downloads your Avatar image to create the background. You can pick from a selection of colours and then send it down to the Microsoft Band. A very nice little app for the Microsoft Band and it is free from the Windows Phone Store.


GamerBand is a Windows Phone app that enables you to add your Xbox Live Avatar and Gamertag to your Microsoft Band’s Me Tile.

Simply enter your Gamertag, adjust the size and position of your Avatar, set the background to Xbox Green or one of the Microsoft Band theme colours and then synchronize your new Me Tile.


– Added option to hide Avatar, Gamertag and/or Logo.

– Added functionality to set custom background colour.

– Added “clear cached gamertag” button.

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  1. Thanks for your kind comments.
    Version 1.3 should be available later this evening which includes some small tweaks to the UI based on user feedback.

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