In this video I take a look at the Acer Aspire V notebook. It is the traditional style laptop that doesn’t have touch screen or removable keyboard, it is just a nice simple notebook.

There is a wide range of configurations in the Aspire V range and the one I test is priced around £500 it is very much a mid-range device, it has an i3 processor with 4GB of RAM.

It has a while plastic case that looks pretty stylish, it is weights about 1.5kg and feels well-made and solid. As it’s a traditional notebook it has all the ports you would expect, there is a full sized HD card slot, USB3 and USB 2 ports, RJ45 network port and full sized HDMI port on it so you don’t have to carry little adapters around with you. The keyboard is your traditional chicklet style design with the keys having a short travel so it is not the best keyboard I have ever used but again in keeping with the middle of the road laptop theme perfectly usable.

I found the screen resolution a little is disappointing at only 1366 x 768 but it does mean you get a good 7 hours of battery life out of it. There hard drive is a 500GB drive spinning drive but with 8GB SSD which speeds up as drive access. Overall the performance of the i3 process is very snappy running under Windows 8.1, I tried running the desktop version of Minecraft which works very well with the fan kicking in for the first time when using 3D graphics.
Other features include a front facing camera for using with apps like Skype which is included, speaking of included software plenty crapware that I could do without. There is a range of Acer apps for streaming media and document management and anti-virus which I would get rid of after unboxing.

In this video I take a look at the laptop, see how Windows performs and try running Minecraft on it.

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