I am a big fan of Xbox Music and have a music pass but one of the things that really bugged me about it was you didn’t have any way to upload your own music to Xbox Music it would only cloud sync tracks listed in the Xbox Music store.

This is an issue no longer as Microsoft have announced that you can copy your music collect to the cloud with OneDrive. Once you have copied your collection you can view the music via your Xbox Music apps (Windows 8.1, Windows Phone,Xbox One and Xbox 360) or via the browser at music.xbox.com. You don’t need to be a subscriber and you get an extra 10GB of storage for doing it if you are a music pass subscriber.

I am really pleases so see this feature arrive at last, guess what I am going to be doing tonight! Go to Xbox Music for more details.

One thought on “Xbox Music and OneDrive integration has arrived”
  1. But how would I sync the family’s music collection that’s stored on my WHS? My System SSD doesn’t have enough space to store music on the OneDrive music folder

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