It’s been over 50 days since build 9926 of Windows 10 was released and at last we have a new build to play with. Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10041 is available for testing for PCs (not phones) and was built on Friday.

There are lot of small changes to this release which you can read on the Windows Blog, but the highlights seem to be new UI elements with the start menu and network selector. This build has a transparent start menu and the All Apps is easier to press on a tablet PC (one of my issues with the old build). Virtual Desktop have been improved, you can drag a window from one desktop to another.

Cortana has been expanded to cover China, UK, France, Germany and Spain which is great to see, on the previous build you had to switch to US region and keyboard for it to work.

Other changes including a new network fly out for quickly accessing available networks, there is an improved photos app, improved hand writing input panel and a new lock screen.

As you would expect there are some issues with the build. The main one seems to be the mail, calendar and people apps may not work and there is a fix on the Windows blog to get them going if it doesn’t work.

It is great to get a new build, it is just a shame it has took so long to get us a new build to play with. Unfortunately my Encore 8 is not seeing the new build yet, hopefully it will show up soon so I can have a play with it.

Read the post on the Windows blog for all the details.

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