I know I am a bit late to the party on wireless charging but this is the first time I have spent some time with one. The DT-900 is a wireless charging plate from Nokia (now Microsoft Mobile) and is designed to work with devices that used the Chi changing standard.

I have two phones that support Chi charging, the Lumia 1520 and Nexus 5 so I tried the DT-900 with both phones. First off I was surprised how well it works, you don’t have line up the phone perfectly to the plate as I thought you would, you just place it on the pad and it starts charging indicated by a little white LED. Another misconception I had is that I thought I would have to take the phones out of case for it to charge but the inductive charging works perfectly with them on which is great. As you don’t have a direct connection to the charger the charging time is a little longer with the plate but not by that much (a none scientific guess would say about the plate is about 80% of a standard charger). Having said that I tend to place the phone on the plate while at my desk so it stays topped up.


Before I got the DT-900 I doubted the need for wireless charging but once you start using it you realise how useful it actually is. I had it on my desk and placed the phone down on it and it kept it charged, it’s very convenient and saving messing about with MicroUSB port that I never seem to be able to get in the first time.

It comes with a mains adapter, cable and costs around £41 on Amazon. In this video I unbox the DT-900 and try it out with a Lumia 1520 and Nexus 5.

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