There are a few media apps for the Xbox One like Plex and Microsoft’s media player but so far it has been a closed system so developers haven’t been able to bring their apps to the Xbox One. This year that is going to change as Microsoft are opening up the Xbox One to app developers via the Windows Store.

Announced today the Game Developers Conference Microsoft set out the strategy for developers to be able to create universal apps that run on Windows 10 PCs, tablets, phones and the Xbox One. So I could see apps like Media Browser, My Movies and other media services being available on the Xbox One vastly expanding the scope of the console. It’s a great move and I can’t wait to see what developers will do with the SDK.

There will be more information at Microsoft’s Build event.

Details from Xbox News:


  • Windows Universal App Platform: Windows 10 brings together one core operating system, one application platform, one gaming social network, one store, and one ingestion path across all Windows PCs, Tablets, Phones and Xbox One consoles – that’s more than 1.5 billion people. With the Universal App Platform, any developer can create a single project to target multiple devices. It will be easier than it has ever been to bring content to PCs, tablets, phones, Xbox consoles, and future Windows 10 devices like Microsoft HoloLens. Developers will be able to do this and more when Windows 10 is available this year.
  • Windows Store: With the Windows Store, Microsoft is committed to delivering best-in-class scenarios for gamers and game developers. For developers, the promise of one store across devices means they will now have the ability and flexibility to deliver content across PCs, console, tablets, and phones, easily and quickly. Similarly, by enabling new experiences such as cross-buy, developers now have more flexibility on the features they deliver to gamers across Windows devices.
  • Universal Development Center: The Universal Development Center is the developer portal to building and delivering games to the Windows Store. It provides fast, lightweight game submission and update capabilities within the developer’s direct control, as well as access to key metrics to understand their game’s performance. Improvements in platform, tools, and Xbox Live services, while reducing overhead of publishing, will foster more compelling game content and a richer, more engaged gaming community.

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