In January Sonos released a 5.3 beta of the Sonos software for iOS and Android and today the update has gone live. The update has easier access to rooms in the app, it has an improved tablet user experience with dedicated views for music discovery and what’s playing. It also has improved Now Playing screens.

The new app is available for iOS and Android, sadly not for Windows Phone.

Moving music around your home just got easier and faster through the Sonos app for phones and tablets.

Following beta testing over the last several weeks, Sonos 5.3 is now available for all supported iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. The update introduces some new things for your Sonos and fixes others that we did not get right with the release of the Sonos app last spring. You’ll enjoy simpler room control, an improved design for the tablet app, and a quicker way to move back and forth between screens.

Here are a few tips to get acquainted with what’s new:

Three taps to party mode. Put the finishing touches on your party prep with a playlist to set the mood throughout the house. Use the new drop-down at the top center of our app to easily group or ungroup rooms in just a few taps.

Retrace your steps. Change your mind on what you want to play? Swipe down to instantly go from Now Playing to browsing. To go back one step further to the menu, swipe right from the far left to view all of your music sources.

Distractions welcome. If you want to go back to listen to a part you missed, the track progression bar is now more prominently displayed in your Now Playing screen, just below the album art. Drag it to whatever point in the song you want to play.

Start using Sonos 5.3 today by selecting ‘update now’ at the top of the home menu in your Sonos app.

For more information on controlling all of your music on Sonos, visit:

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