6 in 1 Charger

I think most people reading this post will have multiple devices that need charging including smartphones, tablets and cameras. Charging up all these devices at once means using up a lot of plug sockets with cables all over the place. Ravpower’s 6 in 1 USB Charing Station has a single mains plug and 6 USB ports so it can charge 6 devices at once. The nice thing about this charger is that it has three 2.4 amp ports and three 1 amp ports, this means it is can charge three larger devices and three smaller devices at once. For example you can have an Android tablet, Windows tablet and iPad in the 2.4 amp ports and three phones in the lower 1 amp ports.

I have a Toshiba Encore 8 tablet and it will not charge of anything less than a 2 amp adapter and the Ravpower device charges it perfectly, in fact I charged up a Nexus 7, iPad Mini 2, Toshiba Encore 8, Lumia 1520, Nexus 5 and my Microsoft Band all at the same time. The change time was the same as using the chargers supplied with the devices all from a single mains plug.

The Charger costs around £17 on Amazon

It is now an essential item on my desk, in this video I take a look at the 6 in 1 charger.

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