Nobody likes WiFi dead spot around the home as every device needs to be connected these days. One way of preventing this is with a device like Netgear’s WiFi Range Extender which boosts your current WiFi setup filling in the gaps. The N300 is plugs in to a mains socket and works by pairing up with your current WiFi and then repeating the signal out as a new WiFi zone, so you could place it on the edge of your coverage and then it will broadcast the signal further out. What it doesn’t do is create a separate network so you can connect to the extended network and still browse devices and services on your current network which is important if you are using things like DLNA.

A nice feature is that there is an Ethernet port on it so you can use it as a wireless adapter for devices that don’t have WiFi. It supports 802.11.n and should work with any WiFi router. Configuring is straight forward you either you WPS or via a web browser, all it needs to know is your current network’s password. It’s a simple device that does exactly what you expect. The actual range you get is very much dependent on the type of building you are in, if you have dead spot in your house or office this is well worth looking at for £29.99

Have a look at this video for how it works in practice.

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