The SDK for the Microsoft Band was only released yesterday but already we have a new app for the Band. Send2Band is a Windows Phone than then enables you to send messages to the Microsoft Band. Using the share feature in Windows Phone you can send notes from apps including OneNote, Twitter and then they show up on the Band via a new Notes tile. You also create new notes on the app and send them to the Band. Useful if you an address that you want to keep handy and not have to open up your phone to check, or it could be a shopping list or link you want reminding of.

The app costs £0.79 from the Windows Phone Store.


With this app you can send messages to your Microsoft Band writing them directly or through system sharing function

Now you can have shopping list or address that you have to remember without having to pull out your phone.

With a simple click add the message that you want to enter it or sharing it by the various app like OneNote, Twitter, or any app that supports sharing!

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