Kodi 14.1 Helix released

There a new release of Kodi (formally known as XBMC) ready for your media system. Kodi 14.1 is a maintenance release without major new features but it has plenty of fixes. Below are the list of fixes and you can grab the download from the Kodi download page.

Fix incorrect video screensize on Android AML devices

* Fix: potential segfault when silencing audio

* Fix: do not skip streaminfo if format is not know.

* Fix: DXVA flickering on AMD

* Fix: prevent possible over-flow in ALSA

* Fix: possible sorting problems in library

* Fix: possible problem in library navigation

* Fix: don’t scroll text when it’s set to not do it

* Fix: scroll text if it’s too long on spinner controls

* Fix: don’t overlap PVR search labels

* Fix: bug in DLNA client string on iOS

* Fix: updated several PVR add-ons

* Fix: remember played state of video when started from recently added

* Fix: correct vsync on OSX

* Fix: broken keyboard input

* Fix: prevent crash on circular dependencies of add-ons

* Fix: large file support on Android

* Fix: random exiting on Android x86 builds (Nexus Player for example)

Via kodi.tv

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