Since Google Play Music for iOS was launched it was only ever an iPhone app so on an iPad you had to have the app in a small window or use the 2x button which didn’t make great use of the iPad’s larger screen and frankly looked rubbish. The good news is that Google have finally updated the app adding support for the iPad. The app now has a new Material Design UI with more artists and album descriptions. It also has a new Now Playing view and improved caching a songs for improved playback faster.

Overall the app works much better on an iPad. Now Google are supporting the iPad correctly I wonder if they will add Windows Phone support (only joking!).

The app is free from the iTunes Store.

What’s New in Version 2.0.3828

Google Play Music now has an official iPad app!

Both the iPhone and iPad apps have the new Material Design UI:
– Beautiful new artist and album pages with descriptions
– Immersive Now Playing experience
– Small visual improvements throughout

We’ve also made a lot of improvements to streaming and automatic caching to make music playback faster and more reliable.

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