When you are traveling you often want to create your small network for sharing content or internet connections between your devices and you probably don’t want to drag a big router around with you. HooToo’s solution for this is the TripMate Mini a pocket wireless router, media server and device charger.

You can plug a network lead into the TripMate Mini and the share out the internet connection, you can then access the internet from connected device (up to 5 at any one time). Even without an Ethernet connection you can create your own network for sharing content between devices. You can use it to share out a USB drive and content stored on an SD card. You just plug in the storage and then you can access the content via browser, an app or a DLNA player. So you could have your movie collection stored on a USB hard drive connected to the TripMate and then stream the movies via an app on your phone or tablet.

It is also a portable changer, it has a 3000 mAh battery that can charge a phone or a tablet.

I find it very handy device especially when you only have a single Ethernet cable in a hotel room, you just plug it in and create your own network. It is easy to setup and has a 3000 mAh battery you don’t have to worry about finding a power outlet plus it can charge your device if necessary. There are apps for iOS and Android which you can use to upload and download content via but it also works via the browser so you don’t have to have the app to use it (they say there is a Windows Phone app in the works).

For £37.99 (on Amazon) it a very handy device to have in your kit, in this video I unbox, setup and test the TripMate Mini.

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