Plex is a great cross platform media system and they have been very good at supporting Windows and Windows Phone. Plex have announced they are moving to a universal app model bringing the Windows and Windows Phone apps together (currently they are linked so you only have to pay once). This means that Windows Phone 8 will no longer be supported as you need Windows Phone 8.1 for universal apps. This makes a lot of sense given Microsoft’s focus on universal apps with Windows 10, it should mean that Plex works on small devices like phones all the way up to 82 inch Surface Hubs.

Most Windows Phone 8 users have been able to upgrade to 8.1 but if you haven’t Plex has said they are going to keep the old version in the store and will patch critical bug fixes for some time.

To use Plex you need a Plex Server on your home network which you can find at plex.tv and you can find the Windows Phone version in the Windows Phone Store.

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