Here is another 3rd party app that helps you get a bit more out of your Microsoft Band. The Windows Phone app called Band Sensor Monitor enables you to get real time data from your Microsoft Band including data that is not exposed in the official Microsoft Band app.

With the app you can view the real time heart rate data in BPM, view your skin temperature, Galvanic Skin Response (KOhm), UV index and light levels. You can also monitor a remote Band via the app and send a direct message to another band so you could use it to send a message directly to your friend.

The values are interesting, some like the heart rate are obvious others like Galvanic Skin Response less so(essentially it measures how much your are sweating) but it’s great to have access to the sensors. The remote features could be pretty cool as well, I could image using it to monitor a child’s temperature if they are ill.

This app highlights that the Microsoft Band app is could do a lot more than it currently does. I can imagine having warning if your temperature rises too much and other warning type notifications, there is plenty of room for development.

The app costs Ā£1.29 from the Windows Phone Store and there is a limited trial version available if you want to give it a try.

Monitor your Microsoft Band embedded sensors in real time, even the hidden ones not directly exposed by the companion app!!


Share your Band sensor values to specific users over the Internet.

With the exclusive Band Remote Control features, your friends can send direct messages to your Band, and make it vibrate too šŸ™‚


ā˜… Heart Rate frequency (Bpm)

ā˜… Skin temperature (FĀ°)

ā˜… Galvanic Skin Response (KOhm)

ā˜… Ultra Violet index (UV)

ā˜… Ambient Light Sensor (Lux)

Remote features:

ā˜… monitor all Band sensors

ā˜… send direct messages on the Band screen

ā˜… vibrate the Band

The app connects to a lightning fast Real Time SignalR service hosted on Azure. Streamed data is completely anonymous and not saved in any way.

Trial version: time unlimited, some features are disabled.

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  1. The Galvanic Skin Response is used to measure arousal. When we are positively or negatively excited, the skin sweats higher.

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