Microsoft previews Windows 10 consumer features and Windows 10 for the phone

Today Microsoft revealed some of the features consumers are expected to see in Windows 10 when it is released later this year. I will probably do a more detailed post when I have some more time to digest the info but here are the headlines from today (so far):

  • The feedback from Windows 10 Insiders has influenced Windows 10 development
  • For the first year of Windows 10, Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for Windows 8.1
  • Free upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows Phone 8.1, so Windows 10 will replace Windows Phone 8.1
  • Windows 7 will get the upgrade for free for the first year
  • Windows 10 has new full screen start for tablets
  • New look Action Center that you can interact with (see screen below)
  • Continuum, so can go from tablet mode to desktop mode. Full screen when in a tablet and windowed on a desktop
  • In tablet mode Win32 apps work like modern apps so you can drag down to close etc
  • Full desktop mode on a small tablet if you want it to
  • Cortana in Windows 10, it looks like the same UI as the phone version and sits in the task bar. I noticed you could trigger it by saying “Hey Cortana”, you can use to do so things like play music and load apps
  • Universal apps coming to Xbox One
  • Windows 10’s UI is tailored to the device size
  • Action Center on the phone is synced with the PC
  • Settings is the same app for phone, small tablets and the PC
  • IP based messaging eg Skype integrated into the messaging app, very much like iMessage
  • Microsoft showed a preview of touch enabled Office, with the ribbon in the action bar at the bottom of the screen. Full office document support and included on the Phone OS
  • A new Outlook universal mail and calendar app with the full word engine, works with Windows Phone and the PC. Hopefully will replace the rubbish Windows 8 mail app
  • A new Universal Calendar app
  • There is a new photos app linked to OneDrive with automatic album creation
  • New people app

More to come later where we will talk about the new devices and experiences

Action Center:

Full screen start:

Cortana on Windows 10:

New Windows Phone UI

Office for Windows Phone:


A new photos app

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