Surface Type Cover 2

File this post in the not surprised section as Microsoft have confirmed that they are no longer manufacturing the ARM based tablet. We already know that Windows RT is dead and that the Surface and Surface 2 will get only get some of the Windows 10 features and not a full upgrade so it’s no surprise to see Microsoft kill of the device. The Surface Pro 3 has been a success for Microsoft but the Surface 2 didn’t sell well despite being a great device and the one I am using now to write this post.

Microsoft told Business Insider that “it is no longer manufacturing for sale the less expensive Surface 2.” and the Surface 2 was the last ARM powered tablet on the market. I think that Microsoft have decided to focus the Surface range on the higher margin premium devices like the Surface Pro 3 and leave OEMs to lower cost devices of which there are many good options on the market.  The UK Microsoft Store haven’t had the Surface 2 in stock for sometime.

I have to say it’s sad to see the modern and legacy free Windows RT device disappear when there is still a demand for simple devices like Chromebooks.


One thought on “Microsoft have stopped manufacturing the Surface 2”
  1. I Agree and I was sucked in at the time, but thanks to John Lewis I owned one for a while but returned it for surface pro. Maybe a bit before it’s time, but services now have changed to support other devices for android and ios. Microsoft expected people to buy an RT device rather than an iPad, as it was a ‘Windows’ machine, that could do windows stuff like a PC but they perhaps expected more then RT delivered. I did try it. RIP.

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